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    The program

    E4T 2023 Retreat Group Class
    The program
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    Developing our talent   Energy4Talent

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    Energy4Talent group 2

    Energy4Talent program


    Get a comprehensive overview of Energy4Talent: program framework, highlights, and why you should be a trainee at AES.


    Energy4Talent group 3

    Program benefits


    Understand the opportunities available to help you grow personally and professionally within the program.


    Energy4Talent future

    What happens after Energy4Talent


    Read about program end goals and where our trainees end up making an impact.


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    About AES


    Discover what makes AES unique: our goals, purpose, values and mission.


    AES’ Energy4Talent program prepares today’s trainees to be tomorrow’s leaders


    Why become a trainee at AES?

    Our trainee program offers you the unique occasion to experience various roles and responsibilities within an array of functional areas before committing to a singular pursuit. Learn where your true talents and interests lie while working on high impact projects, building a global network, and training your skills and competencies for career success.


    Come join the next generation of leaders, of energy, of AES!

    Innovator: María Pérez Villa

    Innovator: Karlie Lund

    Innovator: María Fernanda Villablanca

    e4t parallax 1

    Energy4Talent program overview

    Together with AES, you can accelerate the future of energy!


    AES’ Global Energy4Talent program first launched in 2018 with the aim of developing and training future generations of industry leaders within AES’ fast-paced, sustainably innovative corporate environment. As a trainee, you have the opportunity to work as a full-time AES employee, while taking advantage of training and mentorship structures specifically designed to enhance your career development. Energy4Talent is a two-year program – with six-month rotations in different functional areas – dedicated to advancing your professional development by becoming acquainted with all aspects of AES and the green energy market.

    Program framework
    • Participants are high-performing, recent college graduates who demonstrate leadership potential and adaptability, and personify our company values
    • Two-year program with four rotations of six-month duration
    • Rotations are selected and assigned by our Talent team with the focus of advancing each trainee’s personal career development
    • Integrated training and development structures with entire cohort, including: self-awareness, leadership, renewable energy, finance, AES processes, managing conflict, influencing, presentation skills, innovation, managing professional and personal growth, emotional intelligence, technology
    • High impact projects, led by individual or team
    • Approximately 15-25 new hires each January
    • 2023 Locations: Brasil, Chile, Dominican Republic and United States
    • At the end of the two years, trainees are promoted into full-time AES positions meant to align with individual’s career goals and company needs
    Program requirements
    • New/recent college graduates: bachelor’s completed between December 2020 and December 2022
    • Advanced/fluent English
    • Proof of eligibility to work in desired market
    E4T Team

    Energy4Talent program benefits

    Investors icon

    Work on high impact projects and transform the future of energy.

    During each rotation, you will develop projects with the help of a technical tutor and area leaders that centers around a challenge our business or industry is facing today. The goal of each project is to address these challenges and create a tangible impact. Projects led by trainees have contributed sustainable improvements and cost reduction to processes, innovations, negotiations, corporate restructurings and more.

    ERG icon

    Build a global network.

    The program provides networking and exposure to a variety of leaders, mentors, work groups, and trainees, with opportunities to be part of cross-functional teams throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia.

    AES Icon for document: grey document image sign surrounded by circle of AES colors

    Develop personally and professionally.

    Take advantage of local and global training opportunities, developing technical skills and professional competencies in areas such as renewable energy, effective presentations, leadership, innovation, managing change, and emotional intelligence. An internal mentor program and feedback process are in place to support your development.

    Partner icon

    Directly interface with AES executives.

    Senior executives are assigned as mentors to support trainees, offering the opportunity to directly communicate with and learn from AES’ top leadership. Become accustomed to various leadership styles, as you present projects and receive feedback from our executives.

    e4t full pay

    Apply now for a full-time paid position as part of a global Fortune 500 company!

    E4T Desks 2

    What happens after Energy4Talent

    Your future

    At the end of the two years, our trainees are well situated to pursue permanent roles within the various functional areas offered by AES. Trainees are assigned positions intended to challenge their functional skills and career competencies as they reach their full potential, both personally and professionally:

    MX_MesaLaPaz_People 1
    Program outcomes
    • Four rotational assignments in a diverse array of functional areas
    • Networking and exposure to a variety of executives, mentors, area leaders and work groups
    • Personal and professional growth through training and development courses
    • Teamwork and collaboration with top tier talent: future leaders and innovators
    • Exposure to various business units across AES, developing organizational- and self-awareness
    • Identification of short-term and long-term career goals
    • Development of future industry leaders

    Meet some of our former Energy4Talent trainees

    Fernanda Rabelo

    Igor Sousa

    Samuel Carrasco

    e4t team 7

    How will you reach your potential at AES?

    e4t technology

    Our mission

    Port Bonython Rollout Birdseye

    Accelerating the future of energy, together.

    Founded in 1981, AES is a global Fortune 500 energy company accelerating the future of energy in every market that we serve. We are motivated by our passion to meet the current and future energy demands of a world that is constantly evolving.

    Our vision to accelerate a net-zero future requires innovative thinking and a culture grounded in living out our values each day. Driven by the energy of our people and bringing together capabilities in renewable energy technologies such as solar, wind, hydropower and energy storage, we partner together with our many stakeholders to deliver customized greener energy solutions to safely and reliable transition our customers and communities to cleaner energy.

    Together, we are improving lives by delivering the greener, smarter energy solutions the world needs.


    Want to know more about AES?

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