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    Introducing the new AES: Four ways we’re partnering with customers to transform clean energy into a business advantage

    Introducing the new AES: Four ways we’re partnering with customers to transform clean energy into a business advantage
    AES Presentation Stage with Chairs

    October 27, 2020

    The new AES shows who we are and where we’re going next to improve lives by accelerating the future of energy, together. AES has been leading the transformation in the energy sector with our focus on innovation, local investment in our communities and working with our customers to create a carbon-free energy future for everyone. We’ve set ourselves apart through our actions and felt it was an important moment in time to reflect that in our brand.  

    We’re committed to a smarter, greener energy future and to helping customers of every kind, wherever they are in their energy journey. We focused our four offerings on the outcomes our customers want to see. 

    Achieve a higher standard of clean energy

    There are many paths customers can take toward 100% renewables. AES is one of the largest renewable solution providers and developers, bringing 2-3 GW in new wind, solar, hydropower and energy storage online every year. We introduced energy storage as a solution to usher in a new era of firm renewables, and through Fluence, our joint venture with Siemens, we built the world’s leading platform. In Hawaii, we’re working with Kauai Island Utility Cooperative to provide energy from a solar + storage solution that will help the state meet its commitment to be 100% powered by renewables by 2045. In Chile, we’re working together to power our communities with more renewable energy by combining 50 MWh of energy storage with our Alto Maipo hydropower plant to create a first-of-its-kind virtual reservoir. 

    Drive impact through access and insights 

    A big piece of the clean energy equation for many of our customers is the effective use of data, artificial intelligence and other smart technologies to increase reliability and efficiency while reducing carbon emissions and lowering operational costs. We’re leveraging digital technology to expedite the shift to renewables and the deployment of new energy solutions.

    Secure your sustainable future

    We’re diversifying the energy matrix in countries that rely on conventional generation with cleaner energy, including Panama, Vietnam and the Dominican Republic. Since introducing natural gas in the Dominican Republic 20 years ago, we’ve saved customers more than half a billion dollars a year and avoided approximately four million tons of CO2 emissions annually. To accelerate this transformation, we came together with Energas through a new joint venture, EnaDom. Together, we’ve developed infrastructure solutions like the Eastern Gas Pipeline and a liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal to bring LNG to other regions in the country. What’s more, we’re bringing the benefits of natural gas to neighboring countries by transforming the Dominican Republic into the main energy distribution center in the Caribbean. By 2022, we expect the Dominican Republic to operate on 70% natural gas.  

    Gain scale benefits through shared platforms and applicationsWhen it comes to making the greatest impact to improving lives, we’re better together. Our recent partnership with 5B will accelerate the broad adoption of solar energy by enabling customers to add solar resources at a pace that is three times faster while providing up to two times more energy within the same footprint of traditional solar facilities. We’re already bringing 5B’s innovative solution to Panama and Chile this year. Together with Uplight, we’re transforming how utilities engage with customers by deploying industry-leading digital applications and engagement platforms.  

    It’s now easier than ever for organizations to accelerates their clean energy journey, make meaningful contributions toward a sustainable climate future and build competitive advantages in their industries. With the launch of the new AES, I’m excited to work together with our many stakeholders to continue transforming and accelerating the clean energy future our world deserves and needs.  

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