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    Diversity & Inclusion

    To promote gender equality in the organization, AES Colombia hired 111 women for the construction of the Parque Castilla Solar project, to work in various technical, operational and administrative roles during the construction process. This is part of the successful #MujeresConEnergía campaign that was started 6 years ago to hire women across the operations and maintenance of Chivor. Today the company has women in both technical and administrative areas, from entry-level positions to management. AES Colombia also promotes the incorporation of female interns, apprentices and temporary employees in its operation, seeking new talents in technical areas of the electricity sector as well as industrial security, treasury, accounting, management and performance, among other areas.

    With the challenge of #MujeresConEnergía, AES Colombia has implemented different initiatives to raise awareness of the value of equity within companies, yielding positive results directly related to saving and effective management of resources, empathy with communities and problems with solutions efficient.



    More than 200 women



    Aequales, PAR Community


    women working in field
    women working at construction site
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