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    E4T 2023 Retreat Group Class Smiles
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    Developing our talent   Energy4Talent

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    General program questions

    Is this program the same as an internship?

    No. Trainees are hired as full-time employees within AES, with entry-level salaries and benefits. Trainee applicants must have already graduated from their college or university with a bachelor’s degree by January 2023.

    What are the requirements for the Energy4Talent Program? 

    To qualify for the program, you must have completed your undergraduate degree between December 2020 and December 2022. No formal work experience is necessary to be considered. You must also have fluent/advanced English and be legally authorized to work in the location where you are applying.  

    What is the start date of the Energy4Talent program? 

    The program is scheduled to begin the week of January 16, 2023. More details will be provided to selected candidates as we approach the start date. 

    Is there a second or later start date? 

    No, there are not additional start dates. The 2023 cohort of Trainees will begin their program in January 2023.

    Is it possible to schedule an individual meeting to discuss the opportunity? 

    Due to the overwhelming response, we’re unable to meet individually at this stage. Please visit our website and review our  FAQs  for more details. 

    Is it possible to rotate through a specific functional area based on my preferences?

    Candidate preferences will be considered during the selection of rotation assignments. However, we cannot guarantee candidates will rotate in business areas of their choosing. 

    Do I get to choose my permanent location? How is location determined?  

    Final positions are determined through a combination of the background of the trainee, trainee performance throughout the program, their interests and, most importantly, where opportunities are available within the organization.  

    How often will trainees change or relocate offices?  

    While relocation is not guaranteed, we offer a comprehensive experience for trainees that may involve short-term (3-6 months) relocation and/or remote working opportunities in various areas. This is managed on a case-by-case basis depending on the requirements of the projects, and any safety precautions in place due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

    Application process

    How do I apply to the Energy4Talent program? 

    Click on the link that corresponds to the location where you would like to work.  Please apply through only one link. No competitive advantage is gained by applying more than once. 

    What do I need in order to apply to the Energy4Talent program? 

    You will need to have an updated resume to upload into our platform followed by a questionnaire through the online application link. The process will be mostly virtual, with possible in-person activities, so be sure to have good internet connectivity and video capability to successfully complete each step of the process. 

    What steps do I have to complete as part of the application process? 

    Our recruiting process for this program consists of several steps throughout the course of 3 to 4 months. You can find more information in the figure below.


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    I completed the application and video interviews, but I haven’t been contacted yet. What’s next? 

    You will receive email updates from our team throughout the process indicating if you were selected to move on to the next stage or not. If you move forward, you will be informed of requirements to complete the next steps. Please make sure to provide an email address that you frequently use and to check your spam folder to ensure our emails are arriving in your inbox. 

    2023 Cohort

    How many trainees are you hiring in each location?

    Globally, we are looking to hire approximately 20 trainees for 2023.  The number of positions available for the program varies by country.

    Where are the positions located? 

    The trainee positions are located as follows: 


    • Brazil > Sao Paulo, Bauru 

    • Chile > Santiago 

    • Dominican Republic > Santo Domingo
    • United States > Arlington, VA, Indianapolis, IN, Salt Lake City, UT and Boulder, CO.  
    How much does this position pay?

    We offer a very competitive compensation package commensurate with candidates possessing a bachelor’s degree and 0 -2 years of experience.  

    Will you sponsor international students? 

    AES is a global company with employees from all over the world. For students possessing current work authorization, we are able to support sponsorship.  

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