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    Да доставяш бъдещето на енергията заедно с AES

    Ние подбираме нашите партньори и работим заедно само с доставчици, които споделят нашите ценности и мисия. Ако вашата компания осигурява иновативни, надеждни и рентабилни решения в съответствие с нашите политики, етичен кодекс и визия за ускоряване бъдещето на енергията, искаме да ви чуем.

    Нашият процес


    Response to RFI/RFP/RFQ

    You may be invited by AES to submit a proposal or quote. You will receive an invitation to register on Ariba (basic registration) to review the Request for information/proposal/quotation and submit your bid. This step will include any local pre-qualification requirements (e.g. assessments related to safety, cyber-security, business ethics, etc.).

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    Contractor negotiation & execution

    Upon completion of the sourcing phase, a contract formalizing the future business relationship and referring to the awarded proposal may be created, reviewed, approved and executed online in Ariba. For simple transactions, the award may result in a Purchase Order only (see procurement step). 


    Supplier registration and on-boarding​

    If successful at the Sourcing phase, you will be invited register (full registration) as a Supplier so a Purchase Order can be issued.  Depending on the AES Business, this invitation will be sent to you via our online Supplier Gateway (in US) or via email (outside US). Information required includes legal entity registration, Tax ID, bank details, certifications (if any), etc.  Any update to your Supplier information shall be done via the same process.

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    PO reception and confirmation

    A business transaction will result into a Purchase Order (even if a contract exists) which will be issued to you via the Ariba Network (US, México, Dominican Republic, Panamá) or email from SAP (all other countries). For PO issued via the Ariba Network, you will be required to confirm your acceptance of the PO quantity and delivery date via the Ariba Network. For Services PO, you will be required to confirm performance of the Services via the Ariba Network.


    Invoice submission and payment status check

    You will submit your invoice(s), debit/credit memos via the Ariba Network (US, México, Dominican Republic, Panamá), via email (all other countries) or mail (only where legally required).

    You can check the invoice status and payment information via the Ariba Network (where in use) or via email query (all other countries).

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